Update: Re-Visualizing the CBC for the Digital Age

After publishing my most recent post, about the CBC, a couple of days ago, I did some nosing around in the Corporate section of the CBC website.  The page in that section, “Strategy 2015“, is highly relevant to what I said in my post.

As I learned from that page, the CBC now has some very exciting Internet projects in development, that seem to be highly consistent with what I suggested in my post should now be the direction for the CBC.  Included is an interactive presentation, with some excellent graphics, that strike me as very fitting for not only the CBC of the future but also the CBC as it is TODAY.  (No tomatoes, but I like the graphics very much, all the same.)

I’m surprised I wasn’t more aware of these plans, and of this very informative–and well designed–part of the CBC website in general.  I’m sufficiently interested in this sort of thing that, if I had been pointed to this part of the website through an ad, or a discussion on CBC radio, or something else, I probably would have checked it out.

Maybe the CBC would prefer not to draw too much attention to the new projects, until they’ve been successfully executed–but, on the other hand, more information about what’s in store could help to gain greater support for the CBC.

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