UGH: Hot Enough for You?


Thinking of universities at this time of year, I remember taking university courses in Toronto during the summer and trying to complete my assignments in my sweltering student apartment, with only a small fan to cool things down a little. Extreme heat and intellectual work don’t go well together, at least for me.

It’s hard enough for me, in Vancouver’s relatively mild present “heat wave” (nothing over 30 degrees centigrade), to write the post I have planned as the next in my series of UABC posts (about post-secondary education) for this blog,

For now, all I have is this picture, generally in keeping with the style of graphics for my UABC posts–and partly inspired by the profile in last week’s The New Yorker of the American pop artist Ed Ruscha, who painted “Oof”, and many other word-based paintings. (My picture was done digitally, using ArtStudio on my iPad.) Another inspiration was Vancouver’s “heat wave”–and the much more extreme temperatures elsewhere in North America at present.

I pity the students who are taking summer courses in those temperatures.

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