The Real Vancouver Bicycle Wars?: Urban Bicycles v. Two-Wheeled Toys for Big Boys


How about mandatory bicycle registration–including mandatory liability insurance–just for the more powerful, faster, bikes that are becoming increasingly prevalent, and increasingly problematic, in Vancouver? 

A targeted bicycle registration program aimed at only faster, racing-style, bikes could serve as an indirect incentive for purchasing slower urban bicycles, that are much safer in the city. This also could minimize, if not entirely eliminate, the problem that occurred when Toronto tried bicycle registration a few years ago of children being found guilty of breaking the law when they forgot to, or were unable to, pay registration fees: kids generally ride less powerful bikes, so at least most of them wouldn’t have to register their bikes.

The administrative costs for such a program would be offset by safer streets and probably, ultimately, many more people, from many more demographic groups than is now the case, cycling in our city.

Just an idea.

(I created this picture using the ArtStudio app on my iPad, starting with just two photos of bikes from on-line catalogues. I think it turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.)

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