Help Wanted: I Need Help Finding a Job in Vancouver or the Surrounding Area


One of the reasons I started this blog was to help me find a decent job here in Vancouver related to my skills in communications and, possibly, my interest in postsecondary education.  In the past two years, since I was laid off from the advertising sales job (the advertising was for educational publications) I’d held for five years, I’ve referred some potential employers to this blog who might want to see samples of my writing and/or who might want to find out where I stood on certain educational issues.  So far, no luck.  (I’ve also been employed during this period, but in an uninteresting sales job that barely pays the bills.)

I originally had planned to write a post this weekend about my recent misfortunes trying to obtain employment as a mid-career candidate in a city where unions have such strong clout and, during these tight economic times, when they do hire tend to hire only at the most junior level.  (As a prime example, even a university at which I which I worked part-time in a unionized administrative job when I was doing my MA in Education there, albeit some time ago, would not now consider me for a mid-level administrative job because I’m no longer a member of the union.  Nor would they consider me for junior jobs, because I’m too experienced.)  The issue of how Canadian unions are now blocking many mid-career candidates is an interesting one, that warrants my further attention in this blog–but not now.  At present, I’m more concerned about just finding a job than in changing Canadian labour law.

So, instead of just referring potential employers to this blog who may wish to see samples of my work, I’m using this particular blog post to aid in my quest for employment, but with a more direct approach.  Do any of you reading this post need an employee like me, or do you know anyone who does?  I’m versatile, a quick learner, and I play well with others.  Besides my more obvious skills and interests, I have a strong arts background. (I studied dance for about twenty years, have done mask work and puppetry, and have made short films–including a film that won an award in the Canadian Student Film Festival.) I also type like the blazes.

Also, Vancouver is my home.  I was born and raised here–although I haven’t lived here for my entire life.  (I’ve also lived in Toronto and Montreal.) Moving back to my home town, about 10 year ago, was much more difficult in terms of employment than I had ever anticipated.

If you want to know more about me, you may wish to have a look at some of my other blog posts.  Also, if you’d like an actual résumé, I’d be pleased to email one to you.

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