Changes Made to Blog in August of 2013

A year after starting this blog, and after almost thirty posts, I’m making some changes. 

The basic three-part structure I used through the past year (UABCs, A Few of My Favourite Things, and Me) isn’t adequate for the variety of subjects about which I’ve been writing.  After doing some recategorizing of my posts, I’ve ended up with ten categories.  (These categories are displayed at the bottom of the column on the right, if you’re on a computer or a tablet, or at the bottom of the page, if you’re on a phone.) 

The UABCs category–posts about post-secondary education, especially Canadian universities–is still a key category; but the other two from my original categorization system are gone, and several new categories have been added.  I’ll likely add even more categories in the future, as I publish more posts.

In a couple of the posts I published in the past year, I allude to my old categorization system.  For example, in a post about my favourite local pizzas, I state that the post is the first post in this blog–with others presumably to follow–concerning “A Few of My Favourite Things.”  I’m not editing those posts because of the changes I’m now making.  If any future readers of those posts wonder what I was talking about, and are sufficiently curious, this note is available for them.

Another change is that I’ve changed the banner picture for my blog, to be consistent with the change in categories and also because I found the three-part collage I’d been using as the banner through the past year was too fussy, particularly in combination with all the graphics and photos I’ve been including in the blog.  I’ve decided to use as the blog’s banner a simple photograph I took of a kite flying over the beach at Crescent Beach, a small beach community near Vancouver where our family lived for a couple of years when I was a kid, and that I visit each summer.


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